Meet Grace Jones the Weim

After the loss of our beloved Tracer, we knew we would get another Weimaraner but didn’t know when the time would be right. We also didn’t want to rush into adopting or buying another dog until we moved out of downtown San Diego since the lack of yard is always a challenge for potty time. Nathan and I follow several Weimaraner rescue sites on Facebook and a post popped up for a young, female, blue Weimaraner who was an owner surrender and in the Southern California area. Nathan casually posted that he was interested and was the first to comment.

Grace Jones the Weim CalWEAR Facebook Post

I really liked the fact that she had her full tail and dew claws as well as the fact that she was a blue. I always joke about “collecting all five” colors/variations of Weimaraner that I’m aware of (long-haired, mouse grey, blue, piebald, and mark of the hound). Her being a female was also interesting since our only Weimaraner experience has been with males.

A week or so of back and forth went by and we had a day and time to go visit with her at her current foster home: Sunday, April 22nd at 3PM (Nathan’s birthday). We cut our staycation at Paradise Point in San Diego short and headed up North through horrific LA traffic to go see her. We both knew that she was coming home with us at that point, it would take a lot of convincing to make us leave a perfectly adoptable Weimaraner behind.

First Introduction

The drive up to her foster home in Lancaster took several hours and included some very rural dirt roads to arrive at the house. It was a boarding and training facility for German shorthairs and other scenting breeds. Gracie was in a cement kennel outside with all of the other well-trained, agility dogs. 

The foster mom warned us she was very shy and had recently started warming up to her to come out of the kennel. She advised we not let her off leash as she tried to do so on her property and couldn’t catch her for almost an hour and didn’t know if she was OK with other dogs. The owner who turned her into the rescue said she was attacking the two other Daschunds in their house which is why she had to give her up.

When the foster mom brought Gracie out, immediately her size and color struck me. Not only was she a DEEP blue (pretty much black), she was HUGE. Larger than Tracer I thought. My first thought was, “Is she really purebred Weimaraner?”. Her eyes were very dull and she seemed catatonic. I thought she might have brain damage or have mental problems (oh, crap, are we getting in way over our heads?). I walked her around with Nathan in the foster home’s front, grassy yard and reveled in her beauty beyond the covering of dust all over her coat. She didn’t really engage with me or Nathan and was more focused on finding a way out of the yard. She seemed to be in survival/panic mode. 

We made more small talk with the foster mom and she told us we were top of their list because we had no other dogs or children so she’d have our full attention. She brought out one of her German Shorthair dogs to see how she would interact with another dog and she seemed to do fine but was on the cautious/submissive side. 

We were pretty much sold on her at this point. I was determined to rehab this beautiful dog and do whatever it took...again, we weren’t going to drive home without a Weimaraner. The foster mom told us there was a 30 day guarantee so if we had any issues with her, we could bring her back to the rescue no-questions-asked (psssh, as if). I took Gracie for another trot around the yard and bent down to her eye level and she looked straight into my eyes and gave me a tender lick on the face.


I went inside to fill out the adoption paperwork and we were on our way home through another bout of terrible LA traffic but it was oh so worth it.

The Drive Home/That Name

We loaded up Gracie into the back seat of our 4Runner and I sat in the back with her on the drive back. It wasn’t long until this terrified, catatonic dog showed the first signs of being a Weimaraner and snuggled on my lap.

I could hardly contain my excitement. It was nice to snuggle with a dog again. She was very quiet on the almost four hour drive home and we couldn’t wait to get her home and spoil her rotten. 

Now, to address her name. I didn’t like the name Gracie, to me it seemed too ooeey-gooey girlie but she also knew her name pretty well so a change would take more time to adjust. Then I had a revelation, Gracie as in Grace Jones (the 80s/90s supermodel). YES! A tall, lean, dark, beautiful female. Exactly like this dog on my lap. It also helped that Gracie has a funny cowlick on the top of her head that reminds me of Grace Jones’ flat top hairdo from the 80s. 

Grace JonesGrace Jones the Weim’s Cowlick

 We got home about four hours later and she snuggled with us in our bed, just like Tracer used to, and the rest is history.

You can follow Gracie’s adventures on Facebook or Instagram: @gracejonestheweim.

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